Want to Better Your Brain Performance?

Want to Better Your Brain Performance?

I think that this is common knowledge that as we age we seem to lose brain performance and the memory deteriorates. However, young people can also have this problem; aging is only one of the causes there are other factors. therefore if you are concerned or interested in this subject check the tips below to slow or even better your brain performance.

Try to have more relaxation periods

Best way to save your memories is to stay away from stress; I know in today's society its easier said than done. stress situations can trigger the release of the stress hormone cortisol. researchers have known for some time that elevated levels of cortisol will interfere with learning and memory. In fact, the area of the brain where it handles recent memories may even become smaller. Try to relax more often to try and release the tension from your body.

Stop cigarette smoking smoking

Cigarettes will affect the blood flow in your veins and arteries thus reducing the quantity of blood reaching your brain. Oxygenated blood with nutrients that the brain needs to function at its peak will be reduced affecting memory recall.

No brain toxins

Drugs in general whether illegal or legal can harm the brains function. there is normally a good reason why illegal drugs are illegal they will cause harm not only to your brain but other organs in your body. However, legal drugs if abused, can also cause harm; always follow the recommended doses. Using legal drugs for long periods can also have an effect on the brain function; if you need to take drugs for long periods ask your doctor about the effects of brain function.

Eating healthy

Although you may think that this is a no-brainer you would be surprised at the diets that some people have. in today's now society people don't have time to prepare or think of the nutrients in the food they eat. therefore if the brain is deprived of certain nutrients it may have an effect on its function. beyond this article but try to have a balanced diet of:
1. Good fats
2. Proteins
3. Good carbohydrates
If you have to buy premade food read the label and see what the ingredients are. don't be fooled by the taste as it can very easily be manipulated in the lab.

Brain exercises

Researchers have found that by using certain techniques you may improve your thinking and memory skills. The brain is also an organ that can be revitalized thus finding these techniques will help us improve our brain function. getting the brain working on educational activities will help to energize its capabilities. try crossword or other similar puzzles it makes your brain think and this is a form of exercise that will make your brain function better but if there is no effect it will at least prevent it from deteriorating.

Protect your head

You could do all the right things to improving the brain power but if you receive a head injury it may affect the normal function of the brain. Sometimes small knocks can put the brain under stress and should be avoided. Although they may be minor repeated knocks will accumulate and eventually will damage the brain. Therefore, when playing some physical sports or cycling use a good quality helmet. The type of genes we have determined the brain ability but maintaining its health is the key to slow mental deterioration.


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